Meet Tucker

Tucker Haas is a 4-time cancer survivor with an incredible story of courage, resilience, and hope. At the young age of 2, Tucker was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, called an undifferentiated sarcoma. Throughout Tucker’s 5-year battle with cancer, he endured 77 radiation treatments, hundreds of chemotherapy treatments, two thoracotomy surgeries, a stem cell transplant, and much more. Since going into remission in February of 2007, Tucker has remained cancer-free. 

During the early stages of Tucker’s battle with cancer, his family was introduced to the Four Diamonds and Penn State THON, a 46-hour no sitting, no sleeping Dance Marathon. Little did they know that this organization and event would be what eventually saved Tucker’s life. In 2004, Tucker’s family was adopted by the THON organization Alpha Tau Omega and Zeta Tau Alpha, where they grew relationships with hundreds of students over many years. As a direct benefit of the Four Diamonds, an organization that covers every cent of any medical bill for children battling cancer at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, Tucker remained involved with THON at Penn State and helped lead his high school to create a Mini-THON. There was no question that when it came time to apply to college, Penn State was the number one choice.

Tucker attended Penn State in the fall of 2019 and immediately got involved in THON through both a committee and the organization that adopted his family, ATO, and ZTA. As a junior, Tucker was the Family Relations Chair for ATO where he led the organization in adopting a new family, bringing his journey almost full circle. It was just about a year and a half later when Tucker danced in his 20th THON and lived out his full-circle journey. Even though Tucker graduated from Penn State in May of 2023, he will always continue to support the Four Diamonds, THON, and his organization. 

Since graduating from Penn State, Tucker has been eager to fill the void of not being able to fully participate in THON, as it is completely student-run. Because of that, he decided to recently create a non-profit organization called the Tucker Haas Foundation. The goal of this foundation is to continue the support that organizations like the Four Diamonds give to active patients, by extending the fight against cancer through being put into remission, as the effects of cancer last forever. 

Along with creating the Tucker Haas Foundation, Tucker has also developed a strong passion for motivational speaking. Last spring, he had the incredible opportunity to speak at the Hope Gala in New York City, a black-tie event that has raised more than $2.1 Million since 2008. This experience crystallized his desire to weave public speaking into the fabric of his life’s journey. Although extremely challenging, this journey has given Tucker insight and wisdom he otherwise may not have ever found. His goal is not just to share his battle with cancer, but to empower others to overcome the obstacles that life may bring them. While his life’s story may span a few more chapters than some, he believes that within each of us resides a compelling story worth sharing and living for.

Tucker’s message, encapsulated by his nickname “TUCK” as an acronym (Think, be Unique, have Courage, and be Kind), is aimed at inspiring others. The hashtag #EmbraceYourStory serves as a reminder to appreciate the journey of life, often overlooked in our pursuit of reaching the “destination.” One crucial aspect of his message is centered around Mental Health. He emphasizes the importance of not facing life’s challenges alone and encourages discussing anything that may hinder one’s progression in life.

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